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short_n_curlys's Journal

Hand Crafted Genitalia
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All Members , Moderated

A community dedicated to the crafting of rude bits! Here you can flash your crochet crotches, papermache penises and beaded boobies freely without fear of arrest! But please... keep it crafty!

Heres a few ideas of what we want to see:

Crochet, knitting, sewing, polymer clay creations, cakes & sugarcraft, any edibles, papermache, origami, glass crafts, ceramics, jewellery, beads, clothing, purses, toys, plushies, handmade books, character designs etc. etc. etc.

A few rules apply:

♥ No actual nudity or porn
♥ No abusive posts or comments
♥ Keep selling posts to a minimum
♥ On-topic selling posts only (i.e - rude bits!)
♥ All photos must be posted behind an LJ-cut
♥ Keep image sizes within reason
♥ Have fun & keep it friendly!

All submissions are moderated

If you have any questions regarding the rules or what is & isnt allowed get in touch with a mod & all will be explained.

Want to link to us?
Copy & paste the code into your info page/journal/whatever!